Ribbon Finance

What is a twin win strategy?

The vault earns a base APY and uses the remaining funding to purchase weekly at-the-money knock-out barrier options.
The weekly barrier options enable the vault to participate in any ETH upside up to 108% of the ETH's spot level at the start of the week (upside barrier) and any ETH downside down to 92% of ETH's spot level at the start of the week (downside barrier). However, if the price of ETH has increased or decreased by more than 8% at the end of the week, the barrier options expire worthless and the vault earns the base APY only.
So, instead of trading a difficult and choppy market, Ribbon Earn lets you get exposure to weekly moves in both directions, up to a certain level. If the price level does not move, or exceeds the range in either direction, users will get back a rebate of 4% APY, as well as their principal back.
Let’s break it down with an example:
Step 1: You deposit USDC into the R-Earn vault.
Step 2: The vault invests in Ribbon Lend, lending its funds to credit worthy institutions and collects an interest rate (let’s say 9% p.a.)
Step 3: Ribbon used that 9% p.a. to buy weekly ATM Straddle KO options.
Result 1: ETH moves up or down but doesn’t break the barrier thus resulting in profit for the vault (profit capped at 16.33% projected APY).
Result 2: ETH breaks a barrier resulting in the options expiring worthless. However, since the options were bought with interest earned from lending the principal you lose no money.