How to Contribute


The Ribbon Community uses RBN tokens to govern the protocol by voting on Ribbon Governance Proposals (RGPs). Anyone can propose a change to the system by starting a discussion in the forum or Discord, however it requires a minimum of 62,500 RBN to create a Snapshot vote. Visit the forum and resources below to learn more.

Have an Idea?

As a community of "yield hackers", we are always open to new experiments and better ways of doing things. If you have an idea, feel free to use the different channels like Discord or GitHub.

File an issue

If the product isn't working as intended, please visit the appropriate Github repository to see if the issue already exists.

If it does not exist, please create a new issue in the repository. Please include information such as your browser version, device, etc. for that project so the developers can replicate it and fix it. If the issue already exists, you can signal your support by adding a thumbs up to the existing issue or by adding helpful information.

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