Can I stake my RBN?

YES but NO, it's not staking, it's locking so be sure to understand the differences taking a look at this guide. Locking your RBN will also give you a percentage of protocol revenues, paid weekly in ETH. You can proceed to lock your RBN on the Governance portal: https://vote.ribbon.finance/

Where can I see any details on veRBN in circulation, holders, average lock duration?

Here's a Dune dashboard made by our fellow Ribbonato Lewi: https://dune.com/lewi/VeRBN-Ribbon-Finance

Where can I learn more about the Ribbonomics?

Please refer to our documents here.

I've staked the vault tokens, when can I claim my RBN rewards?

Although you can claim whenever you like, please note that you'll accumulate at every block but rewards are restocked weekly. For more information, take a look here.

Do I need to stake the vault tokens every week?

No, you just need to stake them once.

When staking vault tokens, do I still receive the APY from the vaults or the pool rewards only?

You receive both APY from the vaults and pool rewards.

Do I have to lock my RBN for 2 years?

No, 2 years is the maximum lock up duration. For more info, take a look here.

Can I lock some of my RBN for different durations?

In order to lock your RBN for various durations you'll have to split them between wallets. Be mindful of your vault position(s), as you will likely lose the boost. Please, check our guide.

How often does my boost records voting power changes?

Your voting weight decreases over time but your boost will take notice of your decreasing voting power at certain checkpoints like withdrawing or staking. For example if you start at 1000 veRBN and your voting power decreases to 800 veRBN, your boost will still use your original voting power of 1000 veRBN until a user checkpoint.

How can I apply my boost?

After creating or adding to your lock, you need to click the "Apply Boost" button on each gauge you're providing liquidity in to apply the boost. Your boost can also be updated by depositing and withdrawing from a gauge as well as claiming RBN.

If I boost locking RBN but I have more than one vault position, which one takes the boost?

All of your vault positions will get boosted. Please, check our guide.

If I lock RBN for X time and then decide to extend the lock up, will I be able to do so?

Yes, you can extend the lock up period. Please, check our guide.

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