Off-chain enforcement / credit underwriting

Offering unsecured lending on-chain requires a developed off-chain process for credit underwriting (including KYC/AML) and legal recourse. As we have already done with Ribbon Earn, we are collaborating with Credora.

Credora aggregates information from custody venues, CEX spot / derivatives positions, on-chain positions across >5 chains, bank accounts, and other sources to get a comprehensive picture of a market maker’s credit worthiness. Most of this can be monitored in real-time, so a borrower’s credit worthiness can change on a minute by minute basis. This real-time info comprises ~50% of a borrower’s credit rating weight. The other ~50% are more traditional methods such as looking into borrow history and lending relationships, custody processes, ROE, ROA, max drawdowns, solvency ratio, etc. See Credora docs for more information on credit methodology. Credora has 16 DeFi integrations, 25 CeFi integrations, and +100 borrower/lender institutions onboarded so far. Credora has helped facilitate $785M in loans and monitors $3.85B to date.

It is important to note that although Credora's ratings are representative and timely, they should in no way be interpreted as an invitation to invest in a particular pool or as a "guarantee" of successful investment. They are to be considered solely as indications of the borrowers' creditworthiness.

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