Bribes via Directed Gauge Voting

As a veRBN holder, similar to veCRV holders, you will be able to vote on RBN distributions to the respective options vault gauges. This is extremely powerful since you can vote to direct more RBN rewards to the vault you are staked in! Alternatively, similar to boosting you can accept bribes to redirect RBN emissions to a particular option vault gauge.

Bribes via Boosting Delegation

RBN stakers will have the flexibility to delegate their boosts to other users if they so choose. They can either do this for altruistic purposes, or more likely, for bribes. Imagine that you don’t want any exposure to the options vaults so you are not staking vault deposit tokens. But you have staked your RBN. You will be able to delegate your boost to others who are staking vault deposit tokens and receive some yield from them for doing so. This allows you to reap all the benefits of staking RBN without having to actually deposit into the vaults.

Please see this step-by-step guide for boost bribes.

The bribing marketplace is available at, powered by Redacted Cartel.

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