Ribbon Finance


Aevo is a high-performance, order-book based decentralized exchange that comes with all the features necessary for a pro options trader. This includes a robust margining system (with portfolio margin), as well as hundreds of instruments to trade, including daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly options. All of this is built on a custom EVM rollup that was designed for scale, and rolls up to Ethereum for security.
Aevo aims to become the #1 venue to trade options on-chain. The 3 main advantages that Aevo brings users are:
  • 100+ instruments, with many strikes and expiries
  • Deep liquidity, by partnering with the best options trading firms in the world
  • Instant onboarding, deposit USDC from any EVM-chain

Aevo is currently in closed beta! For more info, follow the official Aevo account on Twitter, check out this blog post and the FAQs