Ribbon Finance

What are structured products?

Structured products are packaged financial instruments that use a combination of derivatives to achieve some specific risk-return objective, such as betting on volatility, enhancing yields or principal protection.

Does Ribbon have a token?

Yes, Ribbon has a governance token, RBN. Please read the RBN announcement blog post for more details. The RBN token is 0x6123B0049F904d730dB3C36a31167D9d4121fA6B. The token is currently not tradable, so it is not available on any DEXes.

What is the security of Ribbon contracts?

Our v2 Solidity contracts are audited by OpenZeppelin and ChainSafe. Our v1 Solidity contracts are audited by Quantstamp, ChainSafe and Peckshield. Users are encouraged to only risk funds that they are willing to lose.
We have a bug bounty for Ribbon's deployed smart contracts on Ethereum. Please refer to the Security page for more details.

Help! I am having trouble using the app.

Reach out to us on Discord, we'll help you out.
Last modified 4mo ago