DOV Deposits

Where can I find assistance on deposits?

Right here!

What is the minimum deposit for vaults?

There are no minimum deposits to participate in our vaults.

Will I receive vault tokens when I deposit?

Not immediately; you'll have to wait for the following Friday for the vault to use your deposited funds. In the meantime they will remain queued and NOT invested. And even after that, you will NOT receive vault tokens by default. You'll be able to get them in two different ways:

  1. manually claim them by calling maxRedeem on Etherscan, and then transfer the tokens to your wallet. Please refer to our guide here.

  2. stake your vault position (for the eligible vaults) for RBN rewards. Please refer to our guide here.

Do I have to confirm and redo my deposits every week?

No, the vaults re-invest your deposits on a rolling basis.

Are deposits subjected to profit or loss from the previous week

No, if you deposit mid-week, you are not exposed to the vault's performance from the previous week.

Do you recover deposits accidentally made to an incorrect receiving address?

Although we do not generally offer token recovery services, we review these instances on a case by case basis depending on their significance. We do not guarantee token recovery and advise depositors to double check their transactions.

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